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Messages from Pastor Victor A Benjamin

Anointing for Victory

Every human being faces a challenge in life. Challenges are situations in our lives that we must confront, they are as battles that we must fight and be victorious to succeed in life.

Great men and women in the Bible faced such challenges in life but they all had one thing in common to overcome these challenges – they were ANOINTED by God to be victorious.

One way or the other we all face challenges in life, such as sickness, poverty, hopelessness and many more. We face these challenges because the devil has a constitution to kill, steal and destroy every human being that God has created.

But Jesus has come to give us life and give it more abundantly (John 10:10).

My new book, The Anointing for Victory, will teach you how God has anointed us by His Holy Spirit to be victorious in our lives. It will also explain various ways that we can be annointed; its great importance to a believer’s walk of faith and also the reason why the Holy Spirit must annoint every minister of God before they step out into ministry.

Do not give us and lose hope in the situation you are in right now, but set your mind for a fresh baptism by the Holy Spirit who will anoint you to be victorious in all the challenges and situations you are facing right now.

Always remember that redemption comes only through Jesus Christ our Lord and He is the ticket to live triumphantly in this world of darkness.